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Welcome to my blog, a space where I sometimes share updates on my latest projects and delve into topics that captivate my interest.

I also have a Atom/RSS Feed if you prefer to follow my blog that way or want to subscribe to it.

Zed - My New Code Editor

17 July 2024

A brief story about how I started using Zed as my new code editor and why I like it so much.


My Take on Serverless Hosting

01 July 2024

Recently, there was some drama in the serverless hosting world. Here's my take on it, and what you should consider when choosing a serverless hosting provider.


Next Steps for Aplós

11 June 2024

How Aplós has evolved and what are the next steps for the project to become even better, more modular, and easier to use.


MacOS for Web Development

05 June 2024

My experience with MacOS for web development, coming from a GNOME Linux environment.

TechWebOSSPersonal Experience

Why Developer Experience Actually Matters

08 May 2024 · Featured

A significant issue in open-source projects is the lack of a proper good developer experience; this blog looks into why and how it matters.


My Time with VitePress

11 March 2024

My personal experience with VitePress and how it transformed my website development process.

TechWebPersonal Experience

Changing Up My Website

13 January 2024

Rebuilding my personal website with Aplós, prioritizing simplicity and readability.


Behind Aplós

04 January 2024

The development journey of Aplós with all the work and thinking behind it.